Pic: Even Jon Jones says something nice to Daniel Cormier about the death of his Dad

Jon Jones Daniel Cormier Dad

Jon Jones has a heart.

Haters will say it’s fake and maybe Jones will delete it in a few hours anyway. Daniel Cormier lost his dad over the weekend and there is nothing in life that preps you for the loss of a loved one.

There is no playbook for watching someone you care about pass away. There isn’t even a cute IKEA picture by picture instructional on how to handle the death of someone close to you. Even if there was, IKEA would leave a step out on purpose just to mess with you.

Remember when Team Jon Jones and the UFC marketed him as some Tim Tebow MMA fighter? Real ones remember and real ones remember Bones saving Burt Watson from a robbery. Look into it.

Now the MMA world knows that version of Bones Jones probably never existed. It’s still nice to see him have a human moment with Daniel Cormier, even if it was on Twitter.

This also serves to remind us that Jon Jones versus Daniel Cormier part three will never happen. Which sucks. Another UFC fight the promotion had on a tee and then swung and missed at it. SMH.

Sure DC probably would have lost to Bones at any weight, but what if he didn’t? The slim chance Cormier turns Jones chin human? It’s what makes this whole MMA game worth it

“All beef aside, I’m really sorry about your loss DC. Know that he’s in heaven with the opportunity to watch you front row and center for the rest of your life. Continue living a life that makes him proud. Thoughts go out to you and your family today.”

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