Jon Jones Reiterates He Wants Francis Ngannou Fight, Says ‘Punching Hard Means Sh*t’

However, Jones wants to be paid his worth if he is to fight the new UFC heavyweight champion.

Jon Jones
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Jon Jones is continuing to tweet his case.

Jones has been vigorously defending himself ever since UFC president Dana White implied him asking for more money was a way of avoiding a fight with the new heavyweight champion in Francis Ngannou.

And having already tweeted his case a few moments after, Jones renewed his tweeting spree on Sunday as he explained why he would have no problem fighting Ngannou despite his scary knockout power.

“Let’s not forget Stipe lost to DC. Stipe only defended his belt like five times to my 15. The man showed up at 230 to fight against Francis. He is no Jon Jones, I want this fight, excited to see what the UFC think it’s worth

“You guys get so impressed by the guy with the knockout power. I’ve been proven for over a decade that punching hard means shit. I’ll let all you fans be super hyped, I’ll stick to what I know. Pay me and let me go to work

“I’ve been talking about getting paid more for over a year now, has nothing to do with France is winning the belt. I fear no man, i’ve been beating up on heavy weight since I was a skinny kid. Gain all this size and strength just to suddenly be afraid? Sure let’s switch narrative

“Bro I’ve gotten out of the way from much faster punchers. And I have a pretty solid chin. Let’s not forget fight IQ, reach, speed, distance. I’m not going to just stand there like stipe did.”

Jones: Huge Slap In The Face

Jones would then return to the money argument as he made some valid points about fighter pay.

“I always hear about how much the company is growing yet one year later I find myself in the same spot. I put in the work, I’ve done my part. I have completely transformed myself and now I meet a brick wall.. how discouraging

“A huge slap in the face, and I thought we were in good terms. I’ve been sitting here working hard, excited to come back to the company. Just to get that shit”

As Jones has mentioned already, he will likely have discussions with the UFC very soon.

And it will definitely be interesting to see what comes of it as well as what White has to say to all these tweets.

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