Jon Jones Believes Gustafsson Was his Toughest Opponent, Not Dominick Reyes

Jon Jones - Image via @jonnybones Instagram
Jon Jones - Image via @jonnybones Instagram

Jon Jones Lists Alexander Gustafsson As His Toughest Opponent

Sometimes based on the eye test, fans have a way of analyzing a fighter. Unfortunately for fans, their perspective doesn’t always match the outlook of the fighter. Watching UFC 247, many would assume that Dominick Reyes was Jon Jones’ toughest competition to date. It appeared to many viewers that Jon actually lost the fight and that the judges scored the decision victory incorrectly. However, for Jon, he doesn’t believe that Reyes was his most difficult fight at all. In fact, it still believes it was his first contest with Alexander Gustafsson.

By now, most mixed martial arts fans understand that the level of scoring the fights at UFC 247 wasn’t considered elite. The majority of the MMA community believed that Jones should have lost the fight against Reyes. However, the scorecards worked for Jones unanimously.

From the outside looking in, many would consider Dominick as Jon’s toughest opponent. He pushed him to the very brink, never stopped throwing attacks, and outstruck Jon for most rounds of the fight. However, Jon doesn’t think the Reyes fight was more of a challenge than the first fight with Alexander Gustafsson.

Jon Speaks to the Media About the Fight with Reyes

Jones spoke to the media following his championship victory. During the conversation, he discussed a possible rematch with Reyes, and if the matchup was his toughest to date.

“I think the first Gustafsson fight, honestly (as Jon’s toughest fight). Just based on… well it’s hard to base it on anything, I haven’t seen the fight yet. But I would say the first Gustafsson fight was a little bit tougher,” said Jon.

Making a Potential Rematch

Next, Jon finished by saying how he believes that securing takedowns is what won him the fight definitively. He said that takedowns score points in MMA, and he can’t wait to go back and watch the fight.

As far as a rematch is concerned, Jon will be able to determine that after he rewatches the footage. For now, fans will just have to accept that Jon simply doesn’t believe Reyes was his toughest opponent.


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