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Jon Jones verbally ethers Daniel Cormier, hangs up on Skype call during DC response

Jon Jones verbally ethers Daniel Cormier, hangs up on Skype call during DC response
Long ago fighters would talk smack via telegram. A knock at the door and a grown man in newsboy flat cap would hand you a piece paper with telegraphed disses. Fighters would stew for weeks before they could think of a witty retort.There is no comeback for reading “hey, p***y are you still there?” on telegraph paper.
Now fighters can talk shit each through a variety of social mediums. Snapchat a middle finger to your opponent, Voxer a loud air horn to your foe, and Face Time a soul crushing message to your enemy via your favorite Apple product. UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has a Skype account and he knows how to use it.

In the lead up to their UFC 182 main event champion Jones and challenger Daniel Cormier checked their mic settings and logged into their Skype account for a dual interview with 120 Sports.

The chat starts out normal with Jones playing the role of the robot sent from the future whose only goal is to defend his authentic UFC gold belt. Cormier is humble and focused on the toughest fight of his young MMA career. Then Jones finds a soapbox.

“Four scores and seven years ago I realized I’m better than Daniel Cormier in every single aspect of MMA and in life” is a paraphrase of what Jones’ closing argument sounded like. The 27 year old Jones spends the last 90 seconds of the interview pipe bombing Cormier. Jones might has well just said “your arms are too short to box with God” and dropped the mic at Cormier’s feet.

Cormier had a reply ready for Jones but before he could finish a single sentence the champ clicked the “X” on his Skype window. You can’t talk smack to the Skype bubble hang up sound. The time is now for Jones to upgrade his Skype account because he is the champ of the video chat cloud shaped cage.

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