Jon Jones says he has the capability to beat Anderson Silva

Before UFC 129, Bones Jones said that 50 Cent’s ‘God gave me style‘ inspired him to turn the knob on his training dial to ‘full force’. It was clear that God gave him something else, the ability to defeat Shogun Rua and be the youngest person to ever claim a UFC belt (that is, if you forget Vitor Belfort ever existed). After the bout, it’s abundantly clear that God is an MMA fan and she prefers Jon Jones. Sorry Rashad Evans, but it appears that God doesn’t appreciate you as much as she does Jon Jones. He may be a ‘swagger jacker‘, but when he does it, it’s officially approved by the all mighty.

I’m assuming that when Jon Jones says that he ‘has the capability to beat Anderson Silva’, he really means that whenever God wants him to defeat The Spider, he will. In the meantime, Bones will continue to wage a war with Rashad Evans on Twitter.

Check out this brief statement the UFC light heavyweight champion made on ESPN regarding his capability of defeating Anderson Silva.

“Because I look up to Anderson so much, I don’t look at myself as the guy to fight him right now.”

“Anderson’s one of the guys right now I look at his way of being to like Bruce Lee. I would need to do some serious soul-searching to know that I’d beat Anderson Silva’s [butt]. I think I have the capabilities of doing it. But I truly admire Anderson Silva.”

I have the capability of staying up all night in a hotel room in Singapore while I work on God gave me that talent, and I employ it often. [Source]

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