Jon Jones promises to set his flash level to ‘stun’ in his fight against Ryan Bader

When Joe Rogan commentated Jon Jones’ fight against Stephan Bonnar, he called him an ‘MMA freakazoid’. The most amazing thing about the fight was the fact that Joe Rogan used the term ‘freakazoid’. It almost makes you wonder if he was a fan of that mid-90s cartoon. If you’re using the word ‘freak’ to describe the Jon Jones’ ability to completely dominate a fight, then you’re on the right track. Examples would also include ‘Freakazilla’, ‘Freakanator’, and of course ‘Freakformers’.

At some point last week, Ryan Bader suggested that Jon Jones is ‘too flashy’ and then he plans on using his own flashiness against him, harnessing his own power to defeat him — Krull style. Now in an interview with, Bones Jones plans to increase his level of flashiness in an attempt to make the logic and reasoning portion of Ryan Bader’s brain ignite from within his skull.

“Ryan’s mentioned that he thinks I’ll cut down on my flashiness. That’s what he’s afraid of, so that’s what I’ll give him most… a load of weird, unorthodox techniques that he’s never seen – even in wrestling.

“His stand-up is very respectable, he doesn’t kick, he doesn’t knee, he doesn’t use elbows, he doesn’t spin, he doesn’t jump, but he has the power to knock you out with the left hand or right hand. You have to respect that. That double-leg dive will score points too.

“The perfect fight for me would be to exploit the speed difference, the reach difference, the level of technique, and to not be taken down. I’ll pick him apart, keep my hands up and keep it real funky.”

I think what Ryan Bader fails to realize is that Jon Jones doesn’t need to be flashy all the time. Not at all. He just needs to be flashy for the fraction of a second when he decides to pull some nutty spinning elbow. If Jon Jones was flashy all the time, he would be a schizophrenic. [Source]

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