Watch: Jon Jones is really paranoid someone will spike his food with roids when he eats out

There’s something about Bald with a Mustache Jon Jones that just feels off. It’s probably not Anthony Smith, it may not even be someone currently on the UFC’s roster but Jon Jones will lose a fight someday and it will be spectacular.

Bones just looks worn out here. We don’t know what has gotten MMA’s GOAT down and out, but he just didn’t seem right. The first presser for UFC 235 took place on Thursday (Jan. 31) and Bones was there physically.

Mentally? Who’s knows what goes on in the labyrinth that is Jones’ skull. Also, can we talk about the size of Bones’ head for a second? What workout do you do to increase your head size? Where is that machine at the gym?

It’s probably nothing and we’ll just assume everything is on the up and up with Jones. No need to dig any deeper and think too hard here. Let’s just be happy at UFC 235, Jones is very likely going to get a highlight reel win over a blown up middleweight.

We’ve reached the point of Jones career where the UFC 205 pound division is a barren wasteland. Usually we’d say now would be a good time for cross promotion, but even that is kind of meh. Rizin? Bellator? ONE? Where have all the light heavyweights gone, Tito Ortiz our nation turns its lonely eyes to you….woo, woo, woo.

Until Jones moves up to heavyweight, where he’ll maybe find some fresh challengers, we’ll just marvel at his current mental state. Jones thinks fans, friends, strangers or enemies are going to spike his food with PEDs when he goes out to eat.

The GOAT really just said that. LOL only in MMA, or maybe Bones Jones is already laying the foundation for his next drug test failure.

The old “it wasn’t me, it was the weird guy at TGI Friday’s” defense.

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