Jon Jones is back. Let’s watch Bones’ Instagram reinstatement dance and some highlights

Welp, hate to be the bearer of bad news UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier but the best 205 pound fighter in the world has been reinstated by the UFC. Overcoming an alleged hit n’ run, driving under the influence, and running from the scene of the crime charges Bones next mountain to climb is Mount Cormier. The problem is earlier in the year Jones already destroyed that mountain, built it back up, moved it 25 miles, made it cry, and told the current UFC light heavyweight champ to suck it.

Now Bones is back with the UFC, has a new haircut, and his dancing inside a mansion to celebrate. Calm, focused, great foot and hip work by Jones means Cormier title run likely comes to the end the moment Bones is locked in a cage with him. Hopefully Bones does this dance when he wins his belt back.

Hat tip to @ZProphet_MMA for the clutch video caoture before Jones deleted it off his Instagram

{youtube} kOiq0sPH4DA{/youtube}

And Bones Jones highlights


 {youtube} U_GG0O-Bdps{/youtube}

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