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Jon Jones is a Brazilian fashion model. No seriously, watch this video…

Jon Jones is a Brazilian fashion model. No seriously, watch this video…

Despite being the next best thing since DVR, just know that if Bones Jones catches you smoking marijuana, he will turn you into the authorities. That’s a deal breaker for some. Well, replace ‘some’ with ‘Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo’. Jon Jones is also an avid fan of ‘Angry Johny‘ by Poe which sort of makes up for the fact that he could have never partied with my roommates at the University of Arizona. Don’t believe what your Chinese Calendar says, 2012 is the year of Jon Bones Jones. A suave dude from Rochester, NY has just given the entire world of MMA a much needed facelift — and now he’s traveled to Brazil to reinvigorate the fashion industry. Check out this clip of Jon Jones stomping the catwalk in Brazil last week.

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Check out this photo of Bones Jones strutting his stuff as a Brazilian model. Props to Rob N. for the find.

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