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Watch: A blunt Jon Jones says if fans want to see him at heavyweight, UFC will have to pay him more

Watch: A blunt Jon Jones says if fans want to see him at heavyweight, UFC will have to pay him more

Maybe it’s time for the MMA world to just give up and start rooting for Jon Jones. MiddleEasy can’t escape destiny and it’s time to just accept Bones Jones is The GOAT, allegedly “cheats”, and no human on the planet can stop him.

Oh and Jones knows fans want to see him at heavyweight, but won’t move up until the UFC opens their checkbook for him. LOL brutally honest Bones Jones is the best Bones Jones.

This guy.

Earlier in the same ESPN interview Bones had an almost human moment. Like a moment where long times haters would maybe want to root for him.

“Mentally, technically, I feel better than ever. All the moves are just flowing out of me effortlessly. Confidence is ultra high. Greg Jackson always talks to me about Rome and how they were so dominant because they would just fight all the time. And he wants that to be the idea for me, to be extremely active and just get so comfortable with combat and I feel like that’s where we’re at.

I’m not injured anywhere and it just feels all like another day at the office for me, at this point. It’s all so familiar, high pressure moments, tough opponents, fighting the next scariest guy, the guy that’s on the tear. And it’s all so familiar right now. It’s almost too comfortable in this space. I’d appreciate being a little more nervous, it would make me feel like I’m more ready. But I am ready and I feel great.”

Then you realize the reason Jon Jones isn’t nervous is because 205 pounds is shallow AF. Also, Bone Jones is playing on easy mode and you realize the only challenges he has left are fighting up at heavyweight.

Then you also realize the UFC stays being cheap and by the time fans get Heavyweight Bones it may be already too late. SMH, why does anyone root for Johnny Jones again?

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