Jon Jones gets beat up by his brother all the time

Having a winless record against someone over the span of you entire life would be hard to deal with for anyone, let alone a an unstoppable UFC champion like Bones Jones. It must be the times that Jon’s older brother and Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman Arthur dominates him in hand to hand combat that keeps Bones’ humble demeanor in check.
300 pound Arthur Jones is no pushover to say the least, and it’s come out recently that maybe he should have a go at MMA if the NFL lockout screws up everyone’s fantasy football seasons. What we didn’t know is that he has regularly sonned his brother Bones for their entire lives when it comes to grappling. The Jones bros sat down (or stood, who knows) with Sports Illustrated and informed the world of their one sided sibling rivalry.

“To this day, I’ve never lost a fight to him.”

“Ever since we were little kids, we were always wrestling with each other and tearing up the house” “We still wrestle for fun whenever we’re together. Just last night we were rolling around at our hotel. I think we’re going to be 45, 50, 60 years old and still wrestling with each other.”

With this NFL lockout making everything uncertain, all of us players have to find ways to keep ourselves active. So I’m doing MMA. It’s my cross-training.”


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