Jon Jones declined to make a statement to ESPN, but Chael Sonnen didn’t. Watch Chael’s epic response right here…

I’ve never met Chael Sonnen but I just have a feeling that he would be vehemently against teaching evolution in public schools. Dude seems like the kind of guy that would be for punishing children in the middle of class with a paddle. Sonnen is a throw-back to the old-school where people used to get burned at the stake for believing the earth is round. Chael is the living incarnate of Buckaoo Banzai. Only three people understood that reference and all of them probably live in their parent’s basement. It’s clear that Chael Sonnen doesn’t care about a large majority of fighters in the UFC, but on ESPN yesterday, Sonnen expressed his sympathy for the guys denied of a paycheck at UFC 151. Oh yeah, he also drills Jon Jones with every available verbal dagger he could find. Check out the epic response right here.

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