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Watch: This Jon Jones ‘Daddy’s Home DC’ remix is pure evil

Watch: This Jon Jones ‘Daddy’s Home DC’ remix is pure evil

Jon Jones really needs to walk out to this hot new track. Get Kendrick on this remix of a remix and you’re printing money. Heel Jon Jones is embracing the hate and at UFC 232 he dropped a golden line that was almost ignored.

‘Daddy’s home DC’ is an all time great diss and thanks to Bones being a human lighting rod, it barely registered. Jones is so good at being an evil his best one liners directed at his biggest rival just net a shrug emoji.

Bones is too far ahead of the game. Jones is only playing versus himself. The only time Jones has lost at the game of MMA is outside of the ring and to himself. When will he get bored of it all?

Someone, not something, needs to challenge Jon Jones and we’re not sure Daniel Cormier is it. DC is an all time great in is own right but all these years later we just don’t see him winning the war. So is the tale of DC, he just showed up in the wrong era.

DC has a legit claim and the credentials to GOAT status and that still puts him at a level below Bones Jones.


Five round schooling.

Third round head kick knockout.

The ghost of Bones will always haunt DC and that sucks. What’s wrong with being in the top one percent of the one percent? Because Bones is still your daddy. Not fair, but so is life.

MMA is life and the soundtrack to our life right now is this ‘Daddy’s Home DC’ remix. Bump this in your speakers until we get DC vs. Bones III and we all know what the outcome is going to be.

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