Jon Jones confirms that he’s fighting Rampage Jackson next

We all live in an ever-expanding universe, and it’s all trying to get away from getting smacked by Jon Jones’ elbows. If the UFC ever instituted elbow pads, Jones’ appendages would be the cause of it. A couple years ago on the UG, someone accused Jones of sharpening his elbows through the use of some shady medical procedure. A few people bought into it, others mocked the accuser and then most likely talked about their mother shortly thereafter. That’s the flux of MMA message boards, pseduo-relevant topics followed by an unwarranted personal insult. In a sense, that’s the chain of communications from first grade to perhaps your senior year of high school when you realize that everyone you’ve encountered in school will eventually be irrelevant in the near future.

I dropped a small life lesson on all of you this morning, not unlike Jon Jones dropping an elbow on your dome. Fortunately for you, having Jones’ elbow shoved viciously against your forehead will not be a part of your reality. That is, unless your name is Rampage Jackson. In an interview with MMAJunkie, Jon Jones confirmed that Rampage Jackson will be next in line to battle for the UFC light heavyweight strap.

“I’ll be fighting Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson next, I’m not allowed to discuss the date because I didn’t sign a contract, but yeah, it will be very soon.”

I’m not allowed to discuss the date, either. Solely because I’ve never signed a contract to fight Rampage Jackson. In that, Jon Jones and I have something in common. However, his extreme fascination with Kirstie Alley is where our commonality ends. [Source]

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