Jon Jones, Chael Sonnen Bring Up Wives In Crude And Personal Insults On Social Media

Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones go back and forth on Twitter, with each man trading more aggressive and inappropriate insults than the last

Jon Jones Chael Sonnen
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Chael Sonnen may be a busy man nowadays, but he seems to always find time to mock Jon Jones. The two went back at it again recently, with the insults being beyond personal.

When Jones and Sonnen fought back in 2013, there was not actually much between them in the way of beef. They coached opposite each other on The Ultimate Fighter, but the only reason they fought was because Chael offered to step up on short notice to fight Jon, but Jon refused.

In the end, Jon would get a first round TKO over Chael, but suffered a gruesome broken toe in the process. Then as the years have gone by, the two have actually developed a pretty decent beef, with the pair regularly trading barbs with one another on social media.

Jon Jones And Chael Sonnen Get Personal

Now it seems that Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen are bak at it again, and this time they made things very personal. It all started with a post to Twitter from Jon Jones, where he said he had something big coming, but used some rather odd wording.

“I’m about to give birth to something big, something out of the ordinary.”

This led to a response from Sonnen, who mocked Jones for his odd wording. He made a quick remark about how Jon was getting a new sponsor, one that can help him… move some things along.

“Jon There’s more elegant ways to let the world know you picked up a Laxative company as a sponsor”

This led to a volatile response from Jon Jones, which sparked a harsh back and forth on each other’s Twitter. Now, because Jon is Jon, he deleted most of his tweets during this exchange, but they were captured by screenshot, so the receipts are still there.

“Jon Jones is giving birth…to what?” Sonnen wrote with a hilariously photoshopped image.

“Does your wife think about me as much as you do? Why is my d—k constantly in your mouth? Get over me already,” Jones responded, before going on a tirade of deleted tweets.

“As successful as you are, it’s crazy to see you living in my shadow the way you do. Just remember losers focus on winners

“I honestly couldn’t imagine hating someone so much. Making YouTube videos about another man who already kicked your a— just to make a dollar. You’re so beneath me it’s pathetic,” Jones continued, in response to Sonnen.

“I’ll tell you to go f—k yourself or to take my d—k out of your mouth and you’ll actually go home and celebrate getting my attention that day. Seriously man, look at the position we’re in.

“Oregon boy probably grew up with all of the opportunities in the world yet somehow you let me kick your a— and have everything you dreamed of. I understand why you hate me,” Jones concluded.

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Jon Jones Chael Sonnen

As head spinning as this tirade may have been, it was not the end of the beef between Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen for the day. Now it was Chael’s turn to have his say, and he picked apart Jon with verbal precision well into the night.

“Now Jon, that was hurtful…” Sonnen wrote while including a screenshot of one of the tweets Jones deleted.

“You’ve got some grammar problems there, (former) Champ
Spend a little less $ on Tequila and a little more on an editor

“I beat you
I tore your toe off
FACE IT” Sonnen continued before chaining tactics.

“You tried to play Chess against Dana White when you can’t win at Checkers against Betty White. You’re alone, bitter, & bored
Come grapple on SUG again
I gotchoo $5K

Got your SUG contract here.
FedExing to you at the intersection of Irrelevant Ave and Obscurity St, Nowheresville, USA” Sonnen continued, before making things personal towards Jones.

“Is it my fault my wife is hotter than the pics you had on the walls of your prison-cell?

“I’d attack your wife…. But…..Y’ain’t GOT one I guess multiple rehab stints, arrests, and booking it after crashing into pregnant women don’t exactly scream “marriage material”, does it?”

And of course, Jon Jones had to get one more jab in at Chael Sonnen. He brought up the fact that he beat Chael at his own game, making him quit without getting finished.

Jon Jones Chael Sonnen

Who do you think got the better of this exchange between Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen? Will this rivalry ever end?

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