Jon Jones BLASTS Dom Reyes: ‘This Man Is Delusional!’

Jon Jones
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Jon Jones Throws Shade At Dominick Reyes On Twitter

Jon Jones is set to face off against Dominick Reyes this weekend, at UFC 247. Ahead of the bout, the Light Heavyweight Champion fired back at some of the challenger’s comments, and did not hold back.

Jones is taking part in his 14th UFC title fight, when he takes on Dominick Reyes. Therefore he has essentially seen it all when it comes to trash talking from his opponents. Everything from his USADA and drug-related issues, to his legal woes have all been fair game.

However Reyes recently made some jabs at Jones that did not make the most sense. Dom, who had a wrestling and football background, said that Jon had not yet faced someone who was an athlete like he is. The 205lb champ took to Twitter to respond to these claims, blasting Dominick in the process.

“‘He’s fought wrestlers he’s fought strikers but never athletes’ -DR

probably the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while”

Jones then explained further why this was not true, replying to a fan comment.

“DC competed in the NCAA finals and in the Olympics, OSP played Division I football, Bader the current double Champ of Bellator, Vitor crazy speed and explosive, Lyoto had been striking since age 5, Glover was on a 20 fight win streak but none of those guys are athletes I guess”

Then, Jones took aim at Dominick Reyes’ small town athletic background.

“DOMINICK REYES, one of the greatest athletes in Apple Valley history. Being a big fish in a small pond for so long has really gone to his head.

“Beating up on cans has got him convinced he’s a better athlete than most of the world,” Jones conTinued. “If HE was so badass he would’ve won the California state wrestling championships, he would’ve went division one, He would have at least made a practice squad for the NFL. This man is delusional”

Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes is the main event of UFC 247, on February 8th. They will be able to figure out who the better athlete is when they step in the cage on that date.

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