Jon Jones Says He ‘Would Literally Rip One Of Israel Adesanya’s Arms Off’

Jon Jones Fires Back At Israel Adesanya Following Recent Comments From The Middleweight Champion

Jon Jones
Photos via Instagram @jonnybones @stylebender

Some thought that with Jon Jones making the move to heavyweight, this would spell the end of his potential fight with Israel Adesanya. However that does not seem to be the case at all.

Jones and Adesanya have been going back and forth for a while now, since before Izzy was the middleweight champion. It seemed that the pair were on a collision course to fight, but Adesanya said that he was not quite ready for it to happen. Although it seemed that these hopes were dashed when Jon vacated his belt in order to move to heavyweight, Adesanya made it clear that he was still interested in the fight. After his win over Paulo Costa, he even suggested that he may move up to heavyweight, specifically for a fight with Jonny Bones.

Jon Jones Threatens Bodily Harm Against Israel Adesanya

It would seem that Jon Jones did not appreciate the comments he heard from Israel Adesanya. Taking to Instagram, he responded to a clip of the middleweight champ’s comments. Here he ripped into Adesanya, saying that he could easily cause some serious hard to Izzy.

“BUT what? You’ve stepped into the ring over 100 times now and you’re still not ready!? You have a youth advantage and like four times the fighting experience. The truth is you’re already my p—y, you love being undefeated and you’ve seen what’s happened to everyone else. It raises your stock to mention my name, you’re aware of this. You don’t want real confrontation with me, I’m not gonna just stand there and kickbox with you. I’ve been preparing for heavyweights, right around now I would literally tear one of your arms off”

These are some aggressive words from Jon Jones. However at this point, it seems that both men have other things going on in their life and their fighting careers at the moment. Whenever the stars align for them to fight, it will surely be a massive affair.

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