Jon Fitch says Jake Shields fighting GSP is a ‘business decision’ by the UFC

On Mythbusters, Jon Fitch proved that the greatest a human can punch while in the position of a person in a coffin is about 1,450 pounds of force. While this is enough to crack through a pine coffin, your odds of survival drop tremendously when the six feet of dirt you’re buried under caves the coffin within seconds. Jon Fitch proved that it’s impossible to do what Uma Thurman did in Kill Bill, which removes all credibility from Hollywood film-making. If you try to prove this myth to be true on your own accord, we just want to make it clear that we’re not responsible for it. Blame it on the guys at Mythbuster.

In an interview with the latest edition of the Australian ‘Zoo Magazine’, Jon Fitch not only claims that he’s better than Jake Shields, but he also says that the reason why GSP vs. Shields was assembled is purely a ‘business decision’ by the UFC.

I think I’m better than Jake. I think I should be fighting for the title, but I’ve been given a huge opportunity here to fight BJ Penn and that’s a big fight, belt or no belt. We’re in a sport of selling fights right now, and the sport’s growing. We’re trying to get international, trying to get into every country, every household, and part of that is that Jake Shields is coming over from Strikeforce with two belts. I understand that – it’s a business decision.”

Technically, Jake Shields has five belts and they’re all on display in his Northern California place of residence. Of course it’s a business decision, we all remember that infamous shot at Aldo vs. Faber when Shields was in contract negotiations with Strikeforce. [Source]

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