Jon Fitch made a video of what he eats for all you nosy dietitians out there

For all of you degenerate MMA fans out there that proclaim ‘Jon Fitch can’t even finish a sandwich,’ you now have proof that Jon Fitch finishes his meals and they’re often rather healthy. In Chinese, the word ‘sandwich’ sounds remarkably like ‘sandwich’ — but more along the lines of ‘sammich.’ In fact, if you ever find yourself stranded in a Mandarin speaking country, just yell ‘Sammich!’ at the top of your lungs and everyone will know what you want to eat for luncht. I’m serious about this, folks. My Chinese game is steadily improving, similar to Jon Fitch’s need to keep tabs on what he eats throughout the day. Check out this video log of Jon Fitch ingesting various edible substances. [Source]

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