Jon Bones Jones says he’s only been operating at 20%

When Jon Bones Jones fought Stephan Bonnar at UFC 94, Joe Rogan called him an ‘MMA freakazoid’. The most amazing thing about that fight was the fact that Joe Rogan used the term ‘freakazoid’. It almost makes you wonder if he was a fan of that cartoon ‘Freakazoid‘. If you’re using ‘freak’ to describe the Jon Jones’ ability to completely dominate a fight then you’re on the right track. But ‘Freakazoid’ is a little 1995ish. If you’re going to go for it, ‘Freakazilla’ seems more appropriate. So does ‘Freakanator’, ‘Freakaton3000’, ‘Former Secretary of State Freakalizza Rica’, ‘Freakformers’, ‘Bean Freakritto’. I could spend weeks doing it. In an interview with MMAWeekly, Bones says despite the amount of freakishness in his DNA, we’ve only seen about 20% of it.

“I’m just really excited to fight him. I really have a lot of pride in my stand-up. It’s a lot better than you see in the actual Octagon. You’ve seen about maybe 20 percent of the things that I have in my head and things that I’ve been training.”

“My last two opponents I fought, Jake O’Brien and Matt Hamill, were both guys who I had to stay aware of their double-leg (takedown) so it didn’t really allow me to unleash the type of striking that I wanted to. Fighting a guy like Brandon Vera, I know he’s not big on the double-leg-takedown, so I will just feel a little more free to flow on my feet and pull the trigger on a lot more things that I’m dying to do.”

For those of you who don’t understand how amazing that is, imagine getting a 20% on your high-school Algebra mid-term, but that 20% is so amazing that your teacher cowers in the corner and cries in awe at your potential. I imagine it would be the same feeling Jesus would have felt if he screwed up a bookcase when he was a carpenter. Before the whole…other stuff. [Source]

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