Video: Jon Anik silently freaked out when Jorge Masvidal tried to start UFC 244 with a flying knee

Jon Anik Jorge Masvidal Ufc 244 Flying Knee

Jorge Masvidal is a real one for this. Street Jesus nearly gave Jon Anik a heart attack at the start of the UFC 244 main event.

Like what if Masvidal could make lightening strike twice? Masvidal almost got Anik again with his flying knee fake out versus Nate Diaz.

Jon Anik is a pro’s pro. From working for ESPN to becoming UFC’s lead play by play man, MMA is lucky to have him. So how does the best in the business prepare for UFC history? When Jorge Masvidal knocked out Ben Askren in record time, Anik had a great call and immediately put history into context.

No catchphrases. No trying to put himself over. Just Anik’s very real reaction to Masvidal ending Askren.

So heading into UFC 244, do you think Anik prepared for GameBred trying to knockout Diaz in four seconds? There’s just no way Masvidal would try that on Diaz. Just no way it could even work, right?

Diaz saw it coming from a mile away. But did Anik know what was about to happen? Did Masvidal throw Anik off his game with his flying knee pump fake?

In case you missed it, you can hear on the ESPN+ broadcast, Anik miss a beat during the introductions. When the opening bell sounded, Rogan steps for those first few seconds of Jorge Masvidal versus Nate Diaz. Possibly just a glitch or maybe, just maybe, Street Jesus threw Anik off his game.

You can hear Jon Anik’s heart try to jump out of this mouth.

Another one

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