Jon Anik and Brian Stann Sum Up the UFC’s Existential Dilemma

There were two UFC events yesterday. This is becoming more and more normal for the UFC, which has both its upsides and downsides. With this move, the UFC can move more towards being a global entity, putting on events all across the world with the UFC branding. It spreads awareness, you know, like dumping water on  your heads does? The UFC has well over 500 fighters under contract right now as well, which means that hosting a crazy amount of shows shouldn’t be a huge problem, either.

The downside is that most of these fighters under contract wouldn’t be under contract in previous years. Why? They aren’t ready. Remember when the UFC told Ben Askren that he wasn’t ready for the UFC? That kind of stuff. The only problem with that exact situation is that it was pretty recent when they have some laughable talents under contract. Watered down cards aren’t the worst thing in the world, we have all just been conditioned to never miss an event with the UFC name on it and now the UFC is moving towards a model where you can skip just about every show and not feel awful about it.

This is from yesterday. This is perfect. This is marvelous. This is the UFC. [credit – reddit]

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