Johny Hendricks talks to potential UFC media rankers in awkward UFC 181 morning show interview

When Dana White said he wanted to tighten up and overhaul the UFC media rankings system he had Jason Feinberg in mind. Feinberg, a great morning show host for Fox 5 in Las Vegas, could in all likelihood be on the UFC’s current media rankings list. Feinberg and co-host Monica Jackson might spend their weekends elbow deep in the archives of UFC Fight Pass.

When not deciding the Reebok sponsorship fates of the UFC’s roster of 550 fighters, Feinberg can be seen here interviewing Johny Hendricks. The UFC’s current welterweight kingpin, Hendricks is already rocking a Reebok hoodie for his 6 A.M morning show spots. 

Scheduled to defend his belt at UFC 181 versus Robbie Lawler, Hendricks is in a super good mood for a fighter cutting weight, getting up really early, and engaging in local morning show banter. A lesser man would’ve snapped under the weight of looping local morning show banter. Hendricks shows the heart of champion.

Hendricks also shows the determination of the champion when he doesn’t succumb to the temptations of a Thanksgiving feast during his weight cut. A father of three, Hendricks’ daughters would tease their proud pappy with slabs of turkey meat that he couldn’t touch until after his title bout with Lawler. Resisting the lures of roasted Holiday animal meats are what champions’ wills are made of.

Surviving a local morning show unscathed, Hendricks should be in the right frame of mind for his rematch with Lawler. Every fight counts and now every UFC media ranker’s vote counts. The MMA world turns to you Jason Feinberg and Monica Jackson. Please vote with your head and not your heart.

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