Video: Johnny Bedford Dominates Mike Hernandez Then Cuts Promo Trashing Everyone

At WXC 64: Redemption, Johnny Bedford wasn’t interested in making friends. He was there for business, he was there to fight and keep a title. Bedford swarmed Mike Hernandez like he had a time limit. It only took one round for Bedford to ambush Hernandez, beat him down and choke him into submission. After some trash talk, Bedford walked in with something to prove and kept the WXC Bantamweight Championship.

No surprise, but Hernandez was not happy at all with the loss. He was ready to get up and keep fighting Bedford, luckily the ref was there with the ol’ stiff hand. This just seemed light the match under a adrenaline-filled Bedford, which was evident when he took the mic. …And took it again, and again.

“Think you gonna’ knock me out? You got sat on your butt, home boy! Then got choked!” yelled Bedford. “Do some Jiu-Jitsu, before you try to fuck with me!” I mean, this dude went off on Hernandez, then the fans, then back at Hernandez and finished off calling out Hernandez’s whole damn team. He went full Diaz.

Watch the whole wild rant below by the ex-UFC fighter, now a reigning, defending WXC champ.

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