John Wayne Parr competes in his 123rd fight, wins by TKO, then does slowest cage climb celebration

John Wayne Parr had his first recorded kickboxing and or Muay Thai fight in 1991. What were you doing in 1991!?! From the John Wayne Parr is “an alien from a different planet” file, the 39 year old striking legend is still pummeling fools with his hands. At least three maybe four generations of strikers still shouldn’t want any part of Parr’s hands.

This morning (tonight) in Australia Parr proceeded to knockdown his opponent two times before finishing him off after a third knockdown. Parr is so geeked at the beauty of his hands he doesn’t know what to do with his body. Raise your arms in walkoff fashion? Sprint towards a corner? Spin around in a tiny mini-circle? Climb the cage at a slow but cautious pace like Mario from Super Mario World circa 1991?

All of the above! Yes, John Wayne Parr it’s your 123rd pro fight you are allowed to celebrate however the f$*k you want!

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