John Howard responds to Anthony Johnson with many expletives

Some people say I curse like a sailor. I don’t know enough sailors to confirm that this is an accurate statement. I can understand why being stuck at sea in close quarters amongst tightly uniformed and nicely faded haircut wearing men would cause someone to have a dirty mouth though. I’m sure those conditions would make the words coming out of my mouth sound like I was trying out for a co-starring role in a Nikki Hunter movie. I would give you some examples, but Zeus says I ‘m not allowed to be anything more than PG-13 around you guys. Dammit man.

John Howard developed a case of sailor mouth this week when MMAWeekly’s Erik Fontanez caught up with him and asked him what he thought about Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson calling him a word that rhymes with ‘wussy’ at the post fight press conference for UFN 24 this past weekend. Here’s some of what Doomsday told Erik about the beef with Rumble and the mutual disdain he has for Johnson:

“What happened was, (the UFC) offered the fight to me for my second fight in the UFC. And I told them, ‘no, I don’t think it’s a good idea. I’m still new in the UFC and I still want to be making some money out of it, and don’t want to be fighting some of the top 20 guys already.’ He took it like, oh, I was scared, I’m a (expletive), I’m a (expletive) and all this. And then call me a ‘cotton picker.’

“I got really uptight about that.”

“He talks all this (expletive), ‘yo, I’m going to stand and bang,’” he said. “What’d he do? He (expletive) out and took him down. I’m not saying it wasn’t a smart strategy. Maybe it was, but don’t come up like, ‘oh, I’m going to stand and bang. I’m a hardcore mother (expletive).’ And then when push comes to shove, you take down and you go the (expletive) way out.

“At least, when I fought Thiago, yes, Thiago beat me, but I stood and banged with a mother (expletive).”

“Yeah, I definitely want to shut that dude up, man,” he said. “It’s one of those fights where I don’t care about winning or losing. I just want to smash this dude. I think it’s better to (have it) happen in the UFC before it gets to the streets. That’s how bad it is between me and him. I don’t like this kid. I think he’s a big bully. That’s why he cuts so much weight,” Howard said of Johnson. “That’s why he fights guys five times smaller than him. Unfortunately, with me, I’m not that small. Where I come from, I don’t give a (expletive). The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

“It’s about to get real ugly.”


Sounds like Doomsday isn’t even the slightest bit fond of Rumble. He probably wouldn’t even share his Reese’s Pieces and Sprite with him if he saw him emaciated and starving holding a ‘will work for food’ sign. That’s raw straight forward emotion right there that can’t be faked. Sort of like the road rage induced Tourette’s I get every time I drive in Atlanta rush hour traffic. [source]

Published on March 30, 2011 at 4:13 pm
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