Joey Karate breaks down UFC 130 the only way he knows how, using very loud noises

I’ve never met Joey Karate but if I did, I assume it would end with him grabbing me by the shoulders and telling me something I would immediately forget. Dude talks like he’s giving you the terms and conditions at the end of a Sprint commercial. 10th planet is literally a hop, skip and jump from my place in and in all of my bizarre adventures in Hollywood, Joey Karate and I have never cross paths. Damn. That’s a definite fail on my part. Perhaps I shouldn’t consume myself with being some anonymous figure shrouded in an incognito robe of invisibility. Ever since I met Joe Rogan, the guy gives me tips of what pro-biotic yogurt I should eat and I’ve diligently utilized his advice. I’m not sure what advice Joey Karate would drop on me, but if it’s anything like his UFC 130 breakdown, I should stand at least ten-feet away and wear ear plugs. [Source]

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