Joe Warren will enter the Bellator bantamweight tournament as the featherweight champ!?

Now that Patricio ‘pitbull’ Freire has injured his paw (see what I did there?) Joe Warren is primed to enter the Bellator bantamweight tournament as the Bellator featherweight champ. Depending on how far he goes in that tournament should determine when he and Pitbull will finally fight for the featherweight title. If Warren is able to win the bantamweight title, it is totally conceivable that the dude can begin 2012 as a bantamweight and featherweight MMA champ that is vying for Olympic gold. On top of that, I have heard from reliable sources that he also did this. The average human pales in comparison to Joe Warren and his potential hypothetical situations.

Patricio took to everyone’s favorite social media Twitter to explain what’s up.

“It’s true. I won’t be able to fight Warren this month,” he wrote. “Saturday I heard it will take me four months to be able to fight again.”

“I have fractures on my thumb of the left hand, and ligament injuries, that’s why it may take so long for me to get back in the cage,”  “I will spend six weeks with my hand immobilized, and than at least one month of physical therapy, depending on my progression. And then I will be able to get back to training, lightly at first, but the doctor said I could be able to fight by the end of November.

“I will try my hardest to get back in there as soon as possible. Tell Joe I’m coming for him by the end of the year!”

Then he tweeted this picture of himself looking solemn with a bandaged hand to prove it:

Bummer, I was really looking forward to the rematch. We can always watch this to feel better.


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