Joe Rogan: ‘There’s A Lot Of Violence In Me’

Joe Rogan Opens Up About Dark Parts Of His Psyche That Allow Him To Power Through Difficulties

Joe Rogan Violence
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UFC commentator and stand up comedian Joe Rogan is a bit of an intense dude, to say the least. Now in a moment of honesty and transparency, he opened up about the darkness that he feels inside of himself.

Even at 53-years of age, Rogan is still in fairly tremendous shape. Growing up he was heavily involved in martial arts, competing regularly in Taekwondo, and he has kept that same mindset as he has gotten older. He often posts workout pictures to his social media, always talking about conquering his inner demons and pushing past his own brain’s desire to stop.

Joe Rogan Opens Up About His Violent Side

Naturally, the type of background that Joe Rogan has is one that lends itself towards an aggressive and violent nature. He opened up about this side of him on a recent episode of his podcast, with Lex Friedman. Here the usually comedic Joe was more stoic, opening up about the type of mindset he has to be in, when it comes to going that extra mile in the gym, or beating his friends in their annual Sober October challenge.

“That was a scary time in a lot of ways, that Sober October thing, because my friends were all talking s–t. We were all competing against each other in these fitness challenges and you got a certain amount of points for each minute that you went 80% of your max heart rate. One day 1100 points. So I went seven hours on an elliptical machine, watching the bath house scene of a John Wick, where he murders all those people in the bath house. I watched it probably 50 times in a row. I went crazy, but I went crazy in a weird way where it brought me back to my fighting days. It was like that person came out again, and I didn’t even know he was in there. It’s like there’s an assassin, like a killer. Like I felt like a different person.

“There’s a lot of violence in me for sure. I don’t know if it’s genetic or learned, but it’s because a lot of my formative years, from the time I was 15 until I was 22, all I did was fight. That was all I did. All I did was train and compete. That was my whole life,” Rogan continued. “I’m sure it’s connected to (my dad) because he was very violent and I was scared to be around him. But I also think it’s connected to who he was as a human, being transferred into my DNA.”

Rogan goes on to explain that judging by his genetic makeup, he likely came from a line of violent people. However it is about behaviors too, as his daughter has a lot of the same obsessive tendencies that he has. So then it comes down to managing himself and how he acts.

This was a real moment of honesty and self reflection from Joe Rogan. To be able to recognize that there is something good about these inner demons, but to not let them control him, is a struggle that a lot of people face. At least he has found some healthy ways to channel this energy.

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