Joe Rogan Dives Deep Into UFO Theories Following Release Of Navy Footage

Joe Rogan
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Joe Rogan Reacts To UFO Footage Release By U.S. Navy

Anyone who is familiar with Joe Rogan knows that he has a tendency to dab into conspiratorial ideologies. Therefore it comes as little surprise to hear that he was rather excited when recent footage was revealed by the government, apparently showing a UFO.

Rogan is a devout believer in extraterrestrial life existing somewhere in the universe. His point is basically that the universe is far too big for there to not be other intelligent life out there. As such, he has devoted a ton of his life to exploring the idea that aliens do exist.

That is why, like most of us, Joe Rogan was excited to discover the United States government released footage, depicting what is being referred to as a “unidentified arieal phenomena” that was picked up by Navy pilots. The footage, which was leaked several months prior, have many speculating that this could actually be a sign of alien life.

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan delves into the topic of aliens pretty deeply. He and his guest, Tim Pool, discuss the footage, and what it means for the idea of there being more life in the universe than our own.

“This is a weird subject,” Rogan begins. “Because it’s one of those subjects where people automatically dismiss it because it’s been so touted by kooks. There’s so many wacky f–ks that talked about UFOs, that anybody that talks about UFOs has to be out of their f–king minds. But then when you see these videos, and you see them performing these impossible tasks — these things are moving in a way we’ve never seen anything move before. Flipping upside down and sideways, moving at insane rates of speed, they don’t know what these are.”

Rogan and Pool go on to discuss the idea that it could be designed by the government in secret. Moreover they discuss the notorious Manhattan Project, which occured at the same time as more widespread UFO sightings have occured. On the other hand, Tim brings up an interesting point that there have been far less sightings since camera phones have become commonplace.

Obviously this has a ton of people buzzing, given the nature of the government actually admitting that the footage was legit, and that they have no idea what the objects were. Some people may even be concerned that, if aliens do exist, they could be interested in probing people’s behinds. However Joe is not worried, and in fact says that this is a silly fear about aliens.

“This is the thing about putting stuff up your butt. Doctors don’t even do that, they have MRIs now. Do you think aliens need to probe you in your a–? I think that’s just what everyone is afraid of. They’re scared of things going in their a–, so they think that’s what is going to happen if the aliens get them.

The rest of the conversation is quite interesting if you are interested in UFOs, and alien theories. Joe Rogan and Tim Pool discuss a ton of things, such as the controversial Bob Lazar story and more. You can watch the whole segment in the video below:

Do you believe in extraterrestrial life in the world?

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