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Joe Rogan talked MMA for 3 hours with John Hackleman, and it was friggin’ amazing

Joe Rogan talked MMA for 3 hours with John Hackleman, and it was friggin’ amazing

John Hackleman used to follow @MiddleEasy on Twitter, until the day he stopped following @MiddleEasy on Twitter. Hackleman doesn’t seem like a guy that would get offended if we didn’t mutually give him a follow — I mean the dude goes by the name ‘Pitmaster.’ If you have the name ‘Master’ in your name, then you’ve either: developed a machine to time travel and used it to become a plantation owner in 1800s, exist as an end-game boss in Street Fighter 2, or have excelled at the top of your profession for people to call you ‘master’ without sounding pretentious.

Eventually the world will address Joe as ‘Master Rogan’ in some ironic manner — but the truth is you can see the obvious quality discrepancies in UFC broadcasts when Rogan isn’t the color commenter. It’s not that Kenny Florian is horrible at what he does. Not at all. It’s just that Joe Rogan is so [expletive] amazing at commentating, and (perhaps more importantly) he’s been doing it for much longer.

That’s why when on the rare occasions we get a true MMA-centric Joe Rogan Experience podcast, all MMA fans must consume the knowledge being thrown around in it. It’s a definite treat — the MMA equivalent of Copernicus and Galileo getting zooted and discussing the hypothetical existence of aliens on other planets.

Clear your calendar for today — whatever you have scheduled isn’t as important as this three-hour long video. I mean, you are an MMA fan, right?

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