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Joe Rogan questions everything, even his own commentating

Joe Rogan questions everything, even his own commentating

In case you have had better things to do on Wednesday evenings, you might have missed the fact that “Joe Rogan Questions Everything,” which apparently includes zombie pandemics, robots and apparently doing commentary on fighters like Anderson Silva.

No, that last one wasn’t an actual show, but maybe Joe Rogan should look into that. He actually posed the question on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast, last week while talking to UFC’s Uncle Creepy.

It’s a weird job. It’s an especially weird job if you haven’t done it. I am doing commentary on an MMA fight, but I haven’t done it…. To do commentary on a guy like Anderson Silva, like who the fuck am I to say what he should do? I have zero credibility. It’s a ridiculous position for me to be in.

While I understand where Rogan is coming from, I actually like his commentary the best out of all the folks who attempt doing color for fights. Plus, I doubt Rogan is going let go of the UFC mic any time soon. Either way, it’s a bit of interesting insight from a guy who’s seen a ridiculous amount of live fights.

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