Joe Rogan RIPS MMA Judging for UFC 247

Image of Joe Rogan via Instagram: @JoeRogan
Image of Joe Rogan via Instagram: @JoeRogan

Joe Rogan is ANGRY About MMA Judging, Especially During UFC 247

UFC commentator Joe Rogan seemed visibly upset after the results of Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes were released during UFC 247. The scorecards read 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46 in favor of Jones. While the fight was razor close to call, it’s the 49-47 that triggered Rogan. Not only did Joe not believe that Jon easily handled the fight for four rounds, but he also believes that Dominick Reyes defeated Jon Jones.

For years, Rogan has been angered by the judging that takes place in MMA. And, his complaints are for good reason. Depending on where a fighter performs geographically, the quality and criteria of scoring varies, which is honestly insane. UFC 247 took place in Houston, Texas and so far, the state of Texas has been quite controversial when it comes to MMA judging.

In the championship rounds, Jones was able to secure some takedowns. In Jone’s opinion, securing those takedowns are what won him the fight. However, in the opinion of some viewers, Jones lost the first three rounds. So, in their opinion, winning the last two rounds wouldn’t matter.

Rogan Explains His Anger Towards MMA Judging

One thing that everyone can agree on is that it is mind-boggling how anyone could score the bout 49-47. And, that is when Joe Rogan decided to sound off once again on MMA judging. He expressed his viewpoint during the UFC 237 post-show immediately after the event.

“I can’t argue about this enough.  I can’t get angry enough. I’ve done it so many times. For anyone to think that was 4-1 Jon Jones, that person’s insane,” said Rogan. “They’re insane. Dominick Reyes put on a hell of a fight tonight. And to disrespect that performance by that kind of judging is insane.”

Moreover, Rogan was also critical of the preliminary bout between Andre Ewell and Jonathan Martinez.

“That’s ridiculous, Anybody saying that that is three rounds to Ewell, that is criminal. That’s criminal. That three rounds to nothing is criminal. Martinez put in an excellent performance. He had Ewell hurt on several occasions in two rounds, kicked him to the body, took his legs out, had Ewell fighting his game, showed excellent defense. I’m stunned.”

Judging During UFC 247

Now that the dust has settled after UFC 247, what do fans believe the scoring on the main event should be? And, was Jones vs Reyes the biggest blown call of the night? Let us know in the comments how fans feel about the judging during UFC 247 in its entirety.

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