Joe Rogan Has Some Real Talk For Brendan Schaub

Brendan Schaub will never be UFC Heavyweight Champion, that is kind of a fact that most of us in the MMA world have known for a while now. That minute that Antonio Nogueira iced him was a momentous occasion for PRIDE fans, it was Big Nog showing that he could still hang and it was also pretty much the end of Brendan Schaub’s career ascending to the top of the Heavyweight division. This past weekend’s loss to Travis Browne was another nail in the coffin of ever being elite.

There is absolutely no shame in losing to Browne, who has really stood out over the past few years and shown that he can hang and might be an elite guy at some point. Schaub, though? I dunno. He is good buds with Joe Rogan and has regularly appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, which led to some #RealTalk from Joe after Schaub’s loss this weekend; Brendan Schaub will never be “elite.”

The MMA Twitterverse was abuzz with this last night, talking about how brutal it was, how mean Rogan was and how he did Schaub, his friend, wrong. The way I see it, Schaub is his friend and he doesn’t want to see him suffer repeated brain damage against guys that he doesn’t belong in the ring with. Schaub’s accomplishments in the ring are admirable and something he should be proud about, for sure, but, there comes a time when reality has to be acknowledged.

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