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The Joe Rogan Era. Rogan says “after 20 UFC years, I don’t see that going on very much longer”

The Joe Rogan Era. Rogan says “after 20 UFC years, I don’t see that going on very much longer”

Is there a UFC without Joe Rogan calling the fights? Rogan has been with the UFC on and off since about 1996, but the time to hang up his mic + black suit two piece may be closer then you think. After two decades of Rogan questions about the stand-up comedian turned UFC color commentator’s retirement keep bubbling to the surface.

Where there is weed smoke there is fire and also maybe a Joe Rogan.

With rumors of Zuffa selling the UFC off to investors for roughly four billion dollars, Rogan has stated in the past if Zuffa and Dana White are not in charge of the UFC then Rogan is hitting the old dusty trail as well. From a new interview with Rolling Stone, Joe Rogan gets down right reflective and introspective about his 20 year ride calling fights for the UFC. Is the end the near?

“What about the rumors that the UFC is for sale?

Um, I don’t know about that, I don’t know what’s going on. You know, I get conflicting stories about that. But if the sale goes through, I’m a ghost. That’s a fact. That’s a fact.

Yeah? You’ll be gone?

I’m not working for anybody else. If the sale goes through I’m outta there. I’m already wondering whether or not I can continue doing this as it is. I will always be a fan, I’ll always love it, but shit, I’ve been working for the UFC on and off for almost 20 years. And that’s more than I’ve done anything in my life. I’d like to move on. The only other thing I’ve done longer than that is stand-up comedy, but you know, with stand-up comedy I’m constantly writing new material, I’m traveling, I do it out of my schedule, I do it whenever I want. You know, it’s a very different thing calling fights rather than just being a fan. I’ll always be a fan, for sure, but as far as calling fights…boy, I don’t see that going on very much longer.”

Ghost? Move on??? Not very much longer?!?!? Will UFC fans be cool with Rogan stepping away from his post and basically wanting to be just friends? Rogan fans, now would be good time to light one up and chill for a hot second. Keep calm and Rogan on.

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