Joe Rogan No Longer Interested In Mediating Presidential Debate: ‘You Need John McCarthy’

Joe Rogan Backs Down From Wanting To Mediate A Debate Between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Joe Rogan Debates
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There was quite the outcry to see Joe Rogan moderate a debate between the two main candidates for the 2020 Presidential Elections. After seeing the way things went with their most recent debate, he has seemingly changed his mind.

A lot of people seem to respect Rogan for his ability to have a civil discussion with virtually anyone. Although recently he has come under scrutiny for some of the guests on his podcast, as well as some of the statements he has made, the UFC commentator and comedian typically offers a platform for people on both sides of the political spectrum. This led to many people calling for for him to mediate a debate between President Donald Trump, and 2020 hopeful Joe Biden.

Joe Rogan Backs Down From Wanting To Mediate The Debate

Last night, Trump and Biden came head to head in the first Presidential Debate of 2020. What unfolded was a wild and aggressive argument, as each man went past their allotted times and interrupted each other. It was something that was reminiscent of a UFC press conference, more than a debate between two potential leaders of the United States. Joe Rogan did not at all like what he saw, taking to Instagram to suggest that he is not interested in hosting this debate anymore, instead pointing to former referee Big John McCarthy as someone who would be better suited to handle things.

“You don’t need me to handle this “debate,” you need @johnmccarthymma.”

This is actually quite a hilarious remark from Joe Rogan, about the way these debates went last night. The unfortunate thing is that there was a mediator at the debate, who was trying to keep order between both men. However he was far overmatched, and someone with the refereeing skills of John McCarthy may have been able to take better command of the situation.

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