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Video: Joe Rogan is confused by how the UFC deals with champ-champs

Video: Joe Rogan is confused by how the UFC deals with champ-champs

Joe Rogan talks for a living and some times in the millions of words he says a week, our dude Joe just nails it. So when something confuses Joe, it kind of confuses us to.

Lost in a clip about the upcoming UFC 230 main event between Daniel Cormier and Derrick Lewis is a cool bit about UFC titles. When it comes to UFC belts, the promo is the judge, jury and executioner. The UFC can do whatever it wants with it’s titles.

Forget your rankings.

Forget your merit based win/loss system.

If the UFC wants to strip you of a belt they are going to do it.

It seems like just yesterday, DC was knocking out Stipe Miocic and becoming an UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion in the process. Fast forward a few months later and DC is getting striped of his light heavyweight accomplishment. Why? Basically so the UFC can make Jon Jones versus Alexander Gustafsson a title fight.

This confused Rogan and it confuses us to. Check out the last minute of the clip below.

“Which is weird right? Why let the guy be champ-champ if you’re not going to let him. I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m so torn on all this.”

Joe continues

“Look I love the UFC, obviously. I’ve been working for the UFC forever but I think there is an obvious conflict of interest when the promoter is also responsible for who holds titles and who gets to fight for titles. It’s weird.”

Weird is usually good in MMA but not in this case. Same here Joe. Same here.

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