Video: Joe Rogan says “B-Real smoked me into a coma”

Joe Rogan b-real

There are levels to this Joseph. To be able to smoke Joe Rogan under the table grants you automatic entry into the Stoner’s Hall of Fame.

First ballot type stuff from our dude B-Real.

How does any of this relate to MMA? Not sure but it all loops back around in the end. MMA is in everyone and in everything if you look under the microscope long enough.

Rogan is an MMA institution at this point. One day, maybe not even in the foreseeable future, Rogan is going to hang up his black collared shirt and step away from the UFC announce desk. That day is going to strange.

Not as weird as B-Real smoking you into another dimension, but the MMA world will not be the same without Joe Rogan talking to us about fights.

When you look at it from a long-view, Rogan is one of the last remaining connections between like seven different eras of MMA history. In some form Joe has been part of the UFC world since UFC 12; that’s 1997 y’all. Rogan has had a front row seat to some of the biggest moment in our sport’s history.

MiddleEasy is not sure they want to give that all up. The pre-Zuffa era, the lost years before 2005, the post-TUF boom, Brock Lesnar, WEC-Strikeforce being eaten up by the UFC, and into the Ronda-Conor era, and Rogan has presided over all of that.

Now the UFC is on ESPN and it’s a different animal. Who knows what the sport will look like in two to five years? Will Joe Rogan be there to watch it, like he always has been?

Out here getting emotional inside B-Real’s Smoke Box. Let’s listen to Rogan explain the science behind getting high with B-Real.

This will put everything back into perspective.

And the trailer for B-Real’s Smoke Box

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