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Joe Riggs’ GRAPHIC gunshot wound is GRAPHIC

Joe Riggs’ GRAPHIC gunshot wound is GRAPHIC

This is our society now. When something horrific happens, the first reaction is to grab a phone, not to call 911, but to snap a good picture. Then you call 911. These days the operator on the other end of the line grabs your address, information about the incident, then makes sure you capture the moment with a digital photo. One with flash, one without. Just in case. 

That’s fine, I guess. Think about how many weird injuries floated into the ether without being properly documented for science, entertainment or fighting? Maybe not science. Strike that from the record (few will see what I did there). 

Joe Riggs not only took pictures of his gunshot wound, but TMZ Sports nabbed a video showing even more graphic footage of his entry and exit wound. Watch at your own risk, as it’s very graphic, but I need some of your eyes, something isn’t adding up.

The entry and exit wounds don’t match where the shot was reported coming from, and knowing that Joe Riggs’ invasion of Cuba failed, you have to wonder if the FBI and the CIA just want him out of the picture. Where is Kevin Costner when you need him?

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