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Joe Lauzon is tired of Melvin Guillard pretending like he didn’t get slapped and choked

Joe Lauzon is tired of Melvin Guillard pretending like he didn’t get slapped and choked

Joe Lauzon spends a lot of time playing video games. With the technological advancements in UFC Undisputed 3, an actual fight with Melvin Guillard was completely unnecessary because the game’s AI had already declared him the winner before the second round in any probable scenario. If Melvin threw a kick, Lauzon would catch it and get the fight to the ground. If Melvin would punch, he would duck and take the fight to the ground. Or, If Melvin decided to bounce in and out of the pocket with a hit-and-go strategy; Lauzon was prepared to counter with the appropriate combination to shift Melvin’s equilibrium just long enough to get the fight to the ground. You see, you’d be irresponsible to act like odds-makers and assume that videogames aren’t sophisticated enough to determine a more probable outcome. Most gamers would agree.

At this point, all that Joe Lauzon vs. Melvin Guillard banter seems irrelevant considering the fight is over and the outcome is sealed in Wikipedia’s library of record keeping until someone gets bored and screws it all up. However, J-Lau has had enough of Melvin Guillard telling the world that he didn’t get ‘beat’, but rather, that he beat himself. In an interview with MMAFighting, he had this to say about the situation:

“Whenever I see Melvin he is always super nice you know, before the fight and after the fight he is always ‘Hey how you doing?’ always really friendly. But then in interviews I see [him say] ‘Well Joe didn’t beat me, I beat myself.’

It’s like no, I slapped you in the face with my fist and then you went down and I choked you. I’m pretty sure I am taking credit for that.

I kind of feel we set the gameplan for beating Melvin. You come forward you don’t act scared of him and let him get off and he kind of falls apart a little bit. That’s exactly how Miller went. Our fights were almost identical… It’s like, how do you lose two fights in the exact same way? What kind of progress or improvement did Melvin show since when I fought him?”

Melvin Guillard has vowed to drastically improve his iiu-iitsu game over the next year at the Blackzillians’ camp. We certainly hope he does because we’re huge fans of anyone who walks into the octagon looking like a miniature Simon Phoenix. We also hope that someone educates him on the MMA omen that overshadows his past two losses when he weighed in and/or walked out to the cage wearing sunglasses indoors.

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