Joe Lauzon cuts a promo for his UFC 118 bout that would make Stanley Kubrick proud

When someone pranks me, I don’t get even, I get violent. I thrash out like my functional alcoholic neighbor at 3am on a Thursday morning. What sucks about having a friend like Joe Lauzon is if he pranks you…you can’t hit him back. You can try, but it would be like challenging Bernie Madoff to a game of Monopoly. You’re going to lose and have your life worth stolen from you in a ponzi scheme. A ‘ponzi scheme’ sounds like a title for a Firewater album, oh it is. Joe Lauzon’s opponent, Gabe Ruediger, is blessed with the nickname ‘Godzilla’ which was bestowed upon him after some elaborate prank. He’s the only guy in MMA that has derived his moniker from the Godzilla franchise. Hopefully Shane Carwin will change his name to the more appropriate, ‘Mechazilla’, but in the meantime check out this promo Joe Lauzon cut of his upcoming UFC 118 bout. [Source]

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