Video: Joanne Calderwood brutalizes Valérie Létourneau and Channels BJ Penn

The UFC’s first ever women’s Flyweight fight happened last night at UFC Ottawa and it was a row of flame emoji. A game Joanne Calderwood stepped in against the crazy durable Valérie Létourneau in a bout where both fighters didn’t have to kill themselves to make weight and it showed. These ladies opened up the main card like demons and Calderwood had never looked more dangerous. She may have been possessed… but we’ll get to that at the end.

The fight was scrappy, but Calderwood really turned the dismal tide with this spinning back elbow which transported Létourneau into the dark realms. Calderwood continued to hurt Létourneau multiple times due to body work and it seemed like she was close to giving up. One of the times, it was covered up by a slight wardrobe malfunction. Invicta fighter Christine Stanley expertly weighed in.

In the third round, Calderwood landed another stiff kick right to the gut and Létourneau just couldn’t take it anymore. Hurt or not though, you must never Létournyour back on your opponent. Calderwood swarmed her like the Scottish Muay Thai champ she is and got the stoppage.

Perhaps Calderwood was possessed by the fighting spirit of the great BJ Penn, as evidenced by her licking her own blood and enjoying it.

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