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Joanna Jedrzejczyk Thinks Zhang Weili Rematch Will Bring “Big Money”

Joanna Jedrzejczyk Thinks Zhang Weili Rematch Will Bring “Big Money”

Joanna Jedrzejczyk Thinks Zhang Weili Rematch Will Bring “Big Money”

Zhang Weili and Joanna Jedrzejczyk put on one of the greatest fights in mixed martial arts history. In the opinions of some, Joanna lost a razor-close decision that could have gone either way. For Weili, the victory served as her first UFC strawweight title defense and her highest-profile opponent. Of course, fans have been anticipating a rematch between the ladies who put on an instant classic. And, Joanna is still recovering from the fight to this day. Both ladies have said they would be down for a rematch. In Joanna’s opinion, a rematch between her and Zhang would be a big money fight for them and the UFC.

Jedrzejczyk and Weili had a five-round war for the ages. The fight was full of power, pace, skill, and determination. Both contestants didn’t back out and traded powerful shots until the fight ended. During the fight, Zhang was able to land a powerful right hand that instantly created a gigantic hematoma on Joanna’s head.

Joanna on the Zhang Rematch Bringing Big Money

Joanna believes that rematch with Zhang would be big money. Honestly, she’s more than likely correct. The first fight between Joanna and Zhang won the fight of the night honors and was generally considered to easily be the best fight on the card. In fact, most mixed martial arts fans think that it was the fight of the year.

Joanna spoke to MMA Junkie. During the conversation, she said how proud of the fight she was, even though she lost. And that in the rematch, the fight would bring big money.

“Big money… that’s it. That’s what I want,” said Joanna.

“I don’t need to make more money, but it’s a money fight, and I want a piece of this cake. This fight is a big fight. We were not the main event, (but) we put on a hell of a fight. People love watching … only big things, only big things,” finished Jedrzejczyk.

Waiting for the Rematch

The fight surely would generate a massive amount of viewers. Almost every mixed martial arts fan is ready to see the fight again. However, Joanna is still recovering from injuries during the first fight. In order for her to get the money she wants, she’ll more than likely have to wait awhile, as the UFC are stacking cards. Once they’re finally able to fight again, Zhang and Joanna will have an extremely lucrative rematch.

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