Joanna Jedrzejczyk is an asshole for using Rose Namajunas’ mental health as smack talk

Rose Namajunas Life

Thanks to today’s UFC 217 conference call, we really want Rose Namajunas to headkick the Joanna Jedrzejczyk hype train off it’s tracks. Before Internet humans start throwing out the words “snowflake”, “PC police” or start asking why you’re being so sensitive, just stop.

Or sure go ahead and argue for your right to use another human’s mental health as fight promotion material.

In the buildup to UFC 217, Jedrzejczyk has repeatedly used Namajunas’ mental health as shit talk fodder. Don’t play the language barrier card to the table either, Joanna Champion is calculated in everything she does. The Queen of Violence is a brilliant self promoter and smack talker.

Talking about, implying or jabbing about another person’s mental health should be off limits in the world of fight promotion; where we would normally encourage every topic to be in play.

Jedrzejczyk questioning Namajunas’ heart or toughness when it comes to the 25 year old’s mental health is just a 100% asshole move by the UFC strawweight. You’re better than that Joanna Champion, at least we thought you were.

It’s wild that in 2017 mental health awareness is still massively overlooked and underserved by the healthcare community. Lack of proper mental health care is both the root and cause of way too many unchecked problems in the world’s population.

Not to sound like an after school PSA but end the stigma around proper mental health care. The world and life is hard enough without a halo of shame surrounding those with mental health issues.

Be better Joanna Jedrzejczyk and don’t use your opponent’s health or personal challenges to justify selling a couple of extra UFC PPVs.

Check out an excellent MMA Hour interview with Rose Namajunas and Pat Barry where the couple dive deep into their own struggles and triumphs in regards to mental health.

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