Joanna Jedrzejczyk Dominates Tecia Torres For A Decision Victory!

Joanna Jedrzejczyk Successfully Kept The Fight Standing And Defeat Dangerous Tecia Torres!

We are live at UFC On Fox 30 inside Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, following the match between Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Tecia Torres.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk, a striker from Poland, will be looking for the victory and a possible title shot after two losses to Rose Namajunas. Tecia Torres is known as a real cardio machine, 11 of her 12 fights went to the decision! You can easily expect a decision victory here!

Round 1

Both fighters are moving around the center of the octagon and looking cautious. Joanna delivers a very strong jab early in the game, opening the round. Tecia Torres instantly drops to her knees for a double-leg takedown attempt, but she bails on it! What a match, what a level of dedication by both fighters! This level of focus is very rarely seen early in the game!

Awesome defense by Torres!

Great knees to the body by JJ, who puts Tecia Torres against the fence, controlling the clinch. But Torres is a very tough opponent – she slips out of it like a cat and denies Joanna’s attack.

Excellent takedown defense by Jedrzejczyk this time, both fighters are like leeches, not letting each other take the breath as the clinch battle continues. Another knee shot by the Polish superstar and the fighters continue trading shots as we close to the end of the round.

Wow, what is Tecia Torres made of?

Great double under hooks and an elbow by Joanna. And what a knee to the head by Jedrzejczyk but Tecia Torres’ head is made of stone – she returns the strike like nothing happened! The fighters continue to trade knees as the round ends. What a round! Probably a 10-9 for Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

Round 2

Jedrzejczyk opens up in the style of a real kickboxing champion – 1-2 and an excellent leg kick but Torres isn’t even rocked! JJ delivers one more leg kick to the inside, while Tecia does a short right hand. JJ finishes the combination with a long-range jab and a right hand of the top.

JJ changes strategy!

Excellent body jab by Joanna looks like she has switched the strategy, using long-range strikes against Torres and not letting her get close. Torres tries to press forward and take her down by JJ steps away and delivers a body shot.

Torres shoots in for a double-leg but no success this time! She starts to receive knees as JJ sprawls and sets her up for the strikes… and what a right elbow from Joanna, she looks very dominant as the match gets close to the end, winning off every single clinch exchange!

Tecia is able to slip out of the clinch, 90 seconds left in the round. Good body shot by JJ, who lands a body shot, and another leg kick! These legs are gonna hurt! But now Torres steps in and starts delivering the flurry of punches which denies JJ’s attacks. Is Joanna in trouble? No, the end of the round, great combo by Torres, but she is too late, probably a round for Joanna Jedrzejczyk!

Round 3

Tecia Torres is tagged hard by a stunning left hook and two jabs. Joanna surprises her with her recognizable right teep kick to the body. Tecia can’t clinch up and this is a big problem for her, she is losing the game, she needs a miracle to win the match!

Unrealistic counter punch!

Torres misses with a high kick while the Polish striker successfully counters with a stunning left hook! We don’t see this very often… fighters continue trading leg kicks but JJ with another right hand to the face. Joanna is killing Torres with her long-range jab, controlling the match.

Tecia goes forward but gets a body kick as a countermeasure. Few right hands and a knee from JJ, who dominates the round. JJ successfully defends with body shots as Torres can’t take her down, she is being stopped over and over. Good knees by JJ.

Joanna Readjusts Her Uniform!

Even this happens, 60 seconds until the end of the match! Torres trips JJ but she is unable to take her on the ground, it looks like the Polish competitor has worked hard on a takedown defense and slips, she controls the position and returns to the stand-up with an ease.

Both fighters are in the clinch, and JJ rocks Tecia with three strong knees, but Torres is just made of stone, this would make any normal human go down! The horn sounds, probably one more round for JJ and a victory.

Check out the action below:

Winning moment:

Official result: Joanna Jedrzejczyk defeats Tecia Torres via unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Joanna Jedrzejczyk has now improved her score to 15-2 MMA, and 9-2 UFC while Tecia Torres drops to 10-3 MMA, 6-3 UFC. Tremendous control from Polish competitor and a clean victory!

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