Jim Ross says CM Punk not motivated by money or fame but for the love of a slobber knocker

After CM Punk left the WWE the night after Royal Rumble 2014, he could have retired to a life of Talking Dead guest spots, Chicago Blackhawks hockey games, and Marvel comic book writing. Maybe Punk would hit up a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class or do some extra push-ups if he needed to get out some leftover athletic energy. If fans of Punk were lucky a few years down the road the “Second City Saint” might make a surprise appearance at a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla or Ring of Honor event. 
Punk was living life as a retired pro wrestler mostly off the grind. Then on Saturday night at UFC 181, former WWE play by play man turned MMA announcer Jim Ross along with the entire combat sports community were shocked by the news that Phil “CM Punk” Brooks had signed a deal with the UFC. 
Unfound reports are that Ross nearly knocked over a fresh plate of BBQ baby back ribs as he yelled “What’s this? That’s got to be! Bah Gawd that’s got to be CM Punk’s music?!?” while he watched the UFC 181 pay per view. A pro’s pro, Ross didn’t spill any ribs and he nailed Punk’s first UFC TV appearance like a veteran broadcaster. 
Maybe Punk joined the UFC because he wanted a free monthly subscription to Fight Pass or a complimentary UFC Reebok track suit that would complete his winter attire. Appearing on SiriusXM’s Fight Club radio show, Ross gives his opinion on why Punk joined the ranks of the UFC. According to the Ross a big UFC pay check and a spot in the limelight perhaps are not Punk’s top motivators. 
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