Jessica Aguilar Pulled Back From The Fight By NYSAC For “Potentially Contagious” Condition

It looks like surprises are becoming the most known part of UFC. This time, Jessica Aguilar is pulled from the fight on Friday for a condition NYSAC described as “potentially contagious”. The details are listed below. (via

“Medical personnel identified a potentially contagious medical condition,” read the NYSAC statement, via New York State Department of State spokesperson Lee Park. “For the safety of the impacted fighter and her opponent, the fight was called off. UFC medical personnel were also consulted and concurred with the decision.”

Jessica Aguilar says she consulted a dermatologist who cleared her after the weigh-in on Thursday… but looks like it isn’t enough for the fight. Some strange things happened.

When asked about a doctor’s initial clearance of Aguilar, Park relayed that Aguilar’s condition “worsened overnight.”

“The reason the fight was canceled was because of the fighter’s condition on Friday,” Park wrote in an e-mail.

Abe Kawa, her manager, claims UFC will take care of Jessica Aguilar. After all, this is the second fight in a row where she was scrapped. Jessica got two tests, while the third is scheduled was scheduled for Monday.

 “I do think that New York is going to get it right eventually,” Kawa said of the commission that just began regulating MMA in 2016. “I just think there’s certain people that are there right now that don’t understand what they’re doing, honestly. Not even the sport, just what they’re doing in general. It’s shameful, man. It’s shameful. Jessica didn’t deserve that. She deserved to be able to go out there and fight.”

“It is the worst way that I can think of, of telling a fighter they can’t fight,” Kawa said. “If you thought a fighter has something and you just sent them to a doctor that’s just a random doctor in the city that you’re in and you’re basically saying that doctor’s word is no longer good, I don’t know what we could have done to make this better.”

There were many controversial decisions in a row. From pulling Max Holloway from the fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov, over almost prohibiting Pearl Gonzalez to fight due to her breast implants, to sending Ashley Yoder in the local hospital instead of treating her instead of letting her be treated on the site after the fight…

What do you think, what is the next controversial move after scrapping Jessica Aguilar? Maybe Yoel Romero is the next victim?

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