MMA Rundown

Jeremy Stephens finally claps back at Conor McGregor with pic of Mac’s mom, implies he banged her

It was a story as old as time. Some random UFC guy (Jeremy Stephens?) calls out Conor McGregor and Mystic Mac fires back with a witty one-liner that gets turns into a million memes. Game. Set. “Who da the fook is that guy” has his soul taken.

Now finally after 365 days of carefully plotting his revenge the man formerly known as Jeremy Stephens has a witty comeback of his own for Mr. McGregor.

“Your mom”.

That’s it. That’s all “who da fook is that guy” has going for himself.

When in doubt just heavily imply that you had sexual relations with your opponent’s mom. This strategy leans heavily on Ric Flair’s infamous, and poorly doctored, photos of Macho Man Randy Savage’s wife the lovely Miss Elizabeth in the build of WrestleMania 8.

Way to go, whoever the fuck you are.

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