Jeremy Stephens Calls Out Conor McGregor, Gets Roasted For It

Jeremy Stephens goes looking for a grudge match years in the making by calling out Conor McGregor

Jeremy Stephens Conor Mcgregor
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One of the most iconic lines that gets quoted from Conor McGregor came from an exchange between he and Jeremy Stephens, where he so politely wondered who Jeremy was. Years removed from that, and Jeremy is looking to finally settle the score in the Octagon.

The year was 2015 when Stephens tried to assert himself as the hardest hitting featherweight on the roster, only for McGregor to respond with the (now over used) line of “Who the fook is that guy?” Since then, both men have gone their separate ways, each moving to lightweight for various reasons.

Six years removed from that and now Jeremy is looking to finally get revenge on the man who has caused endless taunts to come his way. Taking to Twitter, Jeremy tried to make the case that the Irishman was the perfect opponent for him to snap his six-fight skid against.

“Just thinking… the true fight to make is me and Connor. He broke his ankle, someone dove for my ankle. We both like to fight and keep it standing. Both power both different. Plus I like to calve kick and have wide range of KO’s” Stephens wrote.

Jeremy Stephens Gets Roasted For His Efforts

Poor Jeremy Stephens is unable to catch a break when it comes to the trolls on social media. While he seems to genuinely be making the case for this fight, looking through the replies to this callout paints a dreary picture of how interested fans seem to be in this matchup.

This is understandable of course, especially given that Conor McGregor will be sidelined for about a year, dealing with his broken leg. On top of that, while he has been facing a lot of elite competition, Jeremy has not gotten a win in the Octagon since 2018.

With Dana White saying that Conor McGregor will likely face Dustin Poirier for a fourth time upon his return, this further muddies the chances of Jeremy Stephens getting this fight. Then again, stranger things have happened in MMA.

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