Video: Jeremy Stephens Completely Punks Aggressive Renan Barão at Weigh-in

So, you think you’re just going to rush in on Lil’ Heathen Jeremy Stephens? Hell no, bro. People go on forgetting he knocked out the current Lightweight Champion Rafael dos Anjos. Renan Barão didn’t read that chapter before his exam and thought he’d just run up on Stephens yesterday at the weigh-in, but Stephens wasn’t just trying to sip on some water a la Holly Holm. Barão just ran into a fully woke wall of Heathen.

It looks like Barão was wanting to make an intimidating impression and probably let these few extra pounds make him a little bit cocky. Either way, Stephens was not having it. The only thing funnier than the shove and Dana White almost tripping up Barão before grabbing his arm were the reactions in the background. Joe Silva looks like he’s watching a fight break out at a party and Brian Stann is like A Beautiful Mind calculating all the scenarios if he was involved.

It looks like Stephens is still having fun with this and I’m sure this will be one to watch tonight at UFC Fight Night 88. #StreetFighter

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